About Cube Hosting

Cube Hosting is one of the fastest-growing hosting service providers on the World Wide Web. We deliver world-class solutions to small, medium and large-scale businesses with different backgrounds. The spectrum of our services and products includes domain registration, business-class email services (including anti-spam & anti-virus features), web-hosting services, website builder products, e-commerce solutions, and digital certificates.

Windows & Linux reseller Hosting Plans and Services

Cube Hosting offers premium, most available and unique Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting Plans and Services for the global customers with different budgets. For example, we offer Silver Plans starting with the lowest cost of 99 Rs/month to including the Failover Diamond plan starting at Rs. 999/month

We offer Windows & Linux reseller web-hosting solutions with the view to spicing up the experience of the customers to the fullest. We offer a range of exciting features for them viz. free billing software, free domain and SSL account, free branded cPanel tutorials, and free support unswervingly depending on the hosting plans they choose. Plus, we offer a spectrum of upselling odds for example, the capability to upsell to two varied website building software tools (SiteStudio & SiteBuilder), SSL certificates, and Urchin 5 stats software. At Cube Hosting, we have the lofty goal to incorporate additional number of value-added features to the Windows & Linux reseller web-hosting program.

Network Infrastructure

We invariably make our best efforts to provide our customers with the most dependable network by making the most of the ultimate equipment. Our enterprise class domain-hosting servers are all the way outmoded multiple tier one-internet backbone service providers.

The web-hosting server we have is compatible with dual dual/quad core Intel Xeon CPU's with 2-4 gigs of RAM and raid protected SATA II drives. The reason we utilize the Linux CentOS operating system is that it features and supports a trustworthy and the surefire interface for Linux web-hosting environments.