Domain Search

As the global leader in domain names, Verisign powers the invisible navigation that takes people to where they want to go on the Internet, while also helping to ensure the availability and integrity of Internetā€facing networks all over the world.

Verisign operates the infrastructure for the .COM, .NET, .TV,.CC, .NAME, .JOBS, .EDU and .GOV top-level domains, as well as two of the world’s 13 Internet root servers (A and J), managing and protecting the DNS infrastructure for more than 130.6 million domain names and processing more than 110 billion Internet queries daily.  Verisign’s infrastructure assurance services, including Managed DNS, DDoS Protection and iDefense® Security Intelligence, help to ensure online businesses are as available as the Web itself.

For more than 15 years, Verisign has maintained 100 per cent operational accuracy and stability for .COM and .NET, keeping the world connected online—seamlessly and securely. Today the company continues to play a central role in the expansion and protection of the Internet, working continuously to improve and evolve its infrastructure as both threats and usage continue to increase dramatically. Verisign is both IPv6 and DNSSEC compliant and versed.